Create new folder while creating a new item

A small proposal that I would like to make is that there is the possibility of creating a new folder when an entry is being made to the vault. There could be a “New Folder” button to create it now instead of having to access the settings later to do so.

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A great big +1 from a newly-migrated-from-LastPass user. First annoyance I noticed.


Could you add a new feature in browser extension, when I add a new login I can choose one of my folders but if I want create a new I don’t see that option and I do that only via web vault…

wow 5 years and still no progress on this.
same is true of all the other missing features and annoyances I found with bitwarden since I started using it.
This is feeling rather like WHMCS.


I have to put things I want in ‘No Folder’ so I can create the folder later and put them in it, except I always forget so now I have a shit ton of passwords in No Folder that need sorting. Basic UX design here people.

Porn :rofl:

I don’t use folders, but agree with you and gave you a vote!

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This is probably my biggest frustration with Bitwarden. Adding a new item should be as frictionless as possible, including putting it into a new folder. I end up with a lot of uncategorized entries because I forget to go into the settings to add new folders, after which of course you have to find the uncategorized entries (sometimes in “No Folder”, sometimes in a parent folder) and move them to the new folder.

This issue is compounded with an organization where multiple people are adding items. Things can get very messy very quickly when you can’t put something in a new folder all in one action.