Create 'Empty Trash' button

Feature name

  • Empty Trash button.

Feature function

  • This feature adds the ‘Empty Trash’ button. (Deletes all items in the trash with a click).
  • Instead of delete item by item, you can now delete all items from your Bitwarden Trash.


This feature exits only in the Web Version, I checked it now.
I’m going to remove the Browser category;

Adding my vote for an empty trash button in the mobile app and the browser extensions :slight_smile:

Tbh I do wish Bitwarden would increase feature parity between the web version and the app more generally, especially considering how many people exclusively interact with mobile devices. Perhaps it’s a result of Bitwarden focussing primarily on its commercial users, which interact with the service predominantly using the desktop site?

I would also like to see this feature added to the desktop program. I’m cleaning up my imported from lastpass entries and am sending a lot of old entries to the trash. Its a real pain to have to delete these 1 by 1