Create Collections without Owner und Administrator Rights

Hi all,

I like to have everybody in our Company with only the rights the need for there work.

The Collections are Create but in the documentation is described, all administrators and owners have the right to look into all collections.

Is there a way to share Password between users in Collections, that only this Users can read the passwords?

an example: the CEO and the CFO will share a password for the payroll files.

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Hello Bernd - welcome!

If the standard roles don’t suit your needs, you can also define custom roles on a user-by-user basis. However, Administrators and Owners will always be able to access any collection in your organization, and I don’t believe there is a way around that within an organization.

Hello David,

thank you for the warm welcome!

Is there another way to share Password without collections along three people?

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I am not aware of any way to allow three people to have shared access to the same credentials without using a collection, no. Sorry. But perhaps someone else has figured out a solution and will add their suggestion here.

Hey @bdausch, anything shared in an organization needs to be in a collection if multiple individuals need access.

Can you provide more context on who you’re trying to provide access for and who you are trying to hide the password from?

Hey @dwbit,

one part of our company manage the Bitwarden Infrastructure.

My Collegues and I manage our Datacenter Plattform for our Customers.

The Passwords for our Datacenter Backend have a high Value. Our Risk Management Policy says only the people wo need the passwords should have access to it. This includes the Owner and Admins of our Bitwarden Deployment.

So it would be create to have a collection ore somethin else to share the high value passwords between the people wo need them.

Thanks Bernd, I’ll pass the feedback along to the team. For now, I’ve converted the community question to a feature request for voting and further discussion :+1: