Create API Keys for a single entry or folder

Feature name

API Keys that can only access a specific folder or password

Feature function

I’ve been looking into automating a specific process in my computer but I feel that having only a single API key that can access the entirety of the vault to be a bit too much. At the same time, since this API Key is so powerful, it makes sense that the CLI would require us to use our master password to unlock it.

I feel like it would be super useful for the bitwarden CLI if we could create API keys that can only access a single file/folder/entry in our vault. In my idea, this specific entry would be unlockable with either the master password or the API key, but the API Key would be unique and it wouldn’t be able to unlock anything else.

This way, we’d be able to automate a flow with a not-very-important credential while keeping all other credentials isolated and safe, even if such key is compromised somehow. I feel it would also make the flow for automating far simpler for scripting.