Crash at opening

On Android : Bitwarden > Password > Unlock > Search > Keywords > Item > View > Show password

It can crash anywhere from “Unlock” to “Show password”. It crash a LOT, like 90% of the time. It happens when the app seems not “loaded” yet in the OS. I mean by that if the app wasn’t opened since times, it will crash a lot like described. And the more you retry, the later it will crash, but still crash in a short time for you to mostly not get the time to get to “Show password”, so maybe never more than 15 seconds. But after like 10 retries, sometimes less/more it cease to crash and you can work on the app. Like the app is finaly residential, finally fully loaded into the OS. After that it behave better until you let the app sleep too much, like few hours

It happens on latest stable from Play Store

This would be considered a whatever problem if it wasn’t that you have to retype your password at each try. So it’s not a critic problem because you can take 5-10 min retry until it work, but it’s not a pointless matter neither

I have not seen this kind of behavior before. Have you tried both mobile network and WiFi ?
Here is what I would do: Uninstall Bitwarden, restart the phone, reinstall Bitwarden.
If the issues happen again, repeat this, but this time download Bitwarden from here: Bitwarden on F-Droid
Something you did not mention: Which Android version and which language do you use?
Do you have access to another Android phone ? Does Bitwarden show the same issues on this one ?


It happens on every network as far as I remember

On 11 in english

No other Android phone at reach for the moment

Then there are still 2 things you can try out:

  1. Reinstall from Google Play Store
  2. Reinstall from F-Droid

By the way: I am also on Android 11 in English.

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Happens after trying 1 and 2 (but it behaves differently, it freeze at “Keyword” instead of freezing at “Search”, but crash anyway between “Unlock” and “Show password”)

Hmm, for now I am out of ideas.

Perhaps get a new phone ? :wink: (not meant for real)

Haha yeah maybe too much for such problem

But maybe an advanced analysis to identify a code problem should do it

I have been viewing this forum for years and have never heard of this problem before. It sounds device specific.

I would uninstall a Bitwarden completely then reboot the phone and clear the system cache. Android can be quirky sometimes.

Already done (mostly)

Mostly? Clear the system cache and reinstall. Something must be messed up with your phone.

If that doesn’t fix it, you might consider a factory reset on your phone. Something is messed up with your existing OS installation, I think.

Bad apps works only on one environment configuration and needs constant reinitialisation/reinstallation at each problems. Good apps works flawlessly on a variety of configurations, is robust, doesn’t ask all users to wipe all their life at any problems

So yeah but I prefer to waste 10 min at opening it instead of wiping everything at any bad cohabitation with the app. Considering that even that will not correct the problem but only avoid it. Good practice is to debug the app to detect the problem that the framework of the app have and correct it to be compatible with more configurations. A lot of security apps use similar protocols than yours and don’t crash because of a phone configuration or what. It’s level one support to ask to replace phone/OS/SIM/life. A level 3 support troubleshoot the code and correct it. And here there’s clear room for improvement on the code, it’s not stable enough if it crashes like that. And the fact that it doesn’t happen everywhere doesn’t change that statement. If the phone was crashing all over the place, OK. But here on the phone absolutely everything is stable but this app. I understand that it’s difficult to troubleshoot, specially when not easily reproducible. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. With this mentality, you only support Samsung Galaxy and let down all the rest just because it’s not the general configuration. And no my phone is not weird, it’s on stock configuration and works flawlessly. It’s just a never seen configuration yet for an app not used so much at the time. I would have preferred a reply explaining the difficulty to correct the code in such case instead of asking me to replace gradually my life until it’s sufficiently normal for the app to work

You are the only person having this issue - if it was a “bad app” then we would surely hear about more. Please keep an open mind and recognize that something could be messed up with your device. Corrupt memory storage and other issues happen all the time, to all apps.

Sure, corrupt memory, that doesn’t affect anything but BitWarden, even when reinstalled completely
I’ve recognized that the problem can be device based. My point was that it’s not a reason for the framework to not improve to overlook the devices configurations problems. Like, maybe a device only use a legacy network system and it’s sometimes laggy at receiving packets. You can have two behaviour here: Saying that my device use a weird system and it’s buggy so I should renew all my hardware for your app. Or you can acknowledge that 99% of my other apps overlooks that problem with a robust framework who doesn’t crash at any bad packet received, so my experience is flawless, just maybe 300ms late because of my packet receiving problem

Here it’s the same, my phone has maybe a behaviour that BitWarden framework doesn’t like, but that’s because this framework is not robust. A lot of other apps use secured protocols over my phone and works flawlessly because more stable, less subject to crash at any bad return from my phone. So no, we shouldn’t throw away a %age of phone produced over the world just because they behave in a way that stress out your young framework

Good practice here should be to read crash log to see what module of the app stressed out, why, and to recode for the main thread of the app to not panic when that happen, and better report the problem to the dev, or maybe reinitialize the thread to retry (instead of myself reopening the app because it crashed out). Idk, there’s many ways to skin a cat

I prefer a “Initialization has failed, touch screen to retry” instead of a plain crash, needing me to waste 25 seconds per try at redoing all the Bitwarden > Password > Unlock > Search > Keywords > Item > View > Show password again

You say that I’m the only one, but you’re supposed to know that for one report, theres maybe 500 users experiencing the problem without reporting it. I’m just the only one willing to report. And this problem will grow out as your user base grow aswell. Only true way to know is to monitor crash. But an app crashing isn’t capable of much. And considering that for now the app prefer to crash instead of giving up the task and prompting an error, we’re far from being able to do such monitoring to know the real user experience overall

Hey @daa - I am not a Bitwarden developer or employee. I am just another Bitwarden customer offering his opinion - this is a community forum for customers, not a Bitwarden-led support forum. If you truly think that the software is flawed or not robust enough to withstand the uncommon problems that can occur within the Android operating system, please reach out to the Bitwarden team at:

Thanks for understanding my point (a little bit at least)

Though, it’s really detrimental that they don’t lurk around. Even though we don’t deserve support because we don’t pay, sometimes we report problems that deserve real attention because they can affect paid customers for real. They should care a little bit I think. More considering that we’re a lot more to report in the free tier than in the tiny paid tier

I’ll try to contact them, but it will be difficult without money, thanks