Correcting logins imported from LastPass

about 20% of my commonly used LastPass logins don’t completely fill in the login screen in BW. In some cases I probably have to learn how to create a custom field. But others are simple usename, pw and just don’t work or don’t match.

If there’s a match but doesn’t work, sometimes BW prompts me to update the saved logins after i correct, but usually doesnt. If I manually correct the user or pw, will BW prompt me to update the login next time I change that site’s pw? Or should i delete the BW item and create a brand new one?

Hello @lenraphael and sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

I am wondering for the sites that are either not correctly auto-filled or where the password prompt does not work as expected, do your logins in Bitwarden match with the site’s URI?

This may be something to check as I believe this will help Bitwarden to check against existing logins or entries
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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example just now when i clicked on email notificaton of a reply to another question of mine on this forum:

Ask the Community - Bitwarden Community Forums is the url shown in the BW vault

Should I edit it to?

for reason BW is matching much better the more I use it. But next time it happens, I check the URI.