Copy username and password at the same time

Yes, I know it’s too much to ask, but how about allowing copying username and password at the same time!?

Well yes, if that is not technically possible, then perhaps an RFC could be submitted to the World Wide Web authority or something.

Or maybe I’m not actually using Bitwarden in this image? I don’t know. There’s not one shred of branding indicating what I’m using!

Surely you’ll say

Well Mr Jacobson, didn’t you recall the previous screen?

As a matter of fact no! You don’t know just how short my memory really is.

Well, you certainly don’t seem to be using the product, so I have moved your feature request from that section of the forum to the section for the Password Manager product.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @jidanni! It would be difficult to parse out which value is copied to the clipboard and is generally difficult to access and manipulate clipboard settings. If there is a technical route to do so, the team can revisit this again. Closing it for now.

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