Copied working Bitwarden VM on ESXi to another data store Now I cannot log on with my email


I have successfully setup Bitwarden in an Alpine machine on my tiny ESXi server. Created account, imported passwords - setup Browser clients, All works fine!

Now I shut down this VM1 and copied it with VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client to another datastore on the same ESXi server with a different name.

This was reported as successful.
I started the VM2 and called it with IP in the browser ( wich still works with VM1)
I can see the login screen
BUT I cannot log in with email and master password which I used in the VM1 which is still working fine.

What have I done wrong?

Are there some commands to repair or update Bitwarden in the VM2 so that I con login there.

Pls. Advice

Many THX