Convert 2 free accounts to family plan

I am new to Bitwarden. I set up two free accounts one for me and one for my wife. I want to get a family plan but don’t see how to do this. The process seems like you are starting with a family plan not converting from free to family. Thanks

Hey @Edward_Meade and welcome to the community,

Do the two free accounts for you and your wife currently currently share items with a free 2 person organization?

If not you can learn how to set one up and get started

If you already have the free 2-person Org for sharing between the two of you, and would like to upgrade the current one without having to create a new “Family Organization” you can simply upgrade the free organization to a family plan by going to the web-vault, going under the Organization Vault view Billing tab and under Subscription you should see the option to Upgrade plan

I converted from free to Family Plan, but though I went thru all the payment info & used PayPal & input my zipcode, the Submit button is unclickable. Help!

Hey @DuncanJ, for issues with billing, you can contact the support team directly for troubleshooting at :+1: