Convert 1Password Vaults to Bitwarden Folders when Importing .1PUX

So I am testing out Bitwarden and coming from 1Password and I found some UI bugs that makes me have some “if they cant get this right why should I trust them with my biggest thing I need protected” thoughts.

I imported my 1pux file only to find out that all my passwords were just dumped in a “No folder” folder. All my vaults were ignored. I get that Bitwarden has folders not vaults but just simply ask a question like “We see that you have vaults in your 1PUX file would you like us to convert them to folders?” very simple stuff I feel is just ignored and 90% of the people leaving coming to Bitwarden are going to be using LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane so its in the top 3 and you just don’t put any effort into helping with the migration away form your competitor. To me this would just be table stakes to try and make it as seamless as possible. This is not really a bug but very lacking and disappointing and its the very first thing that I am faced with in my transfer away from 1Password. So because of this I now have to manually manipulate my database using the web console and create new folders and look at the old 1Passowrd databases and move passwords over to that folder that match it. Basically it took me 4 hours to do this… was not really impressed but I get it sometimes happens. So while use the web version of Bitwarden i would create a new folder and then do a search and select 4-5 items then use the multi move to folder option and then all of a sudden all my folders were gone from view. Its like I have no folders, so i refresh the page which requires me to login again and then the folders are back. Its a visual bug but still i had to do this like 50 times while manually massaging my database to look like it did in 1Password.

This is just some of the frustrations coming form 1Password to Bitwarden and leaves that bad taste in your mouth that I am sure will fade but IMO it should have never been there to begin with. Also what happens with shared vaults from Family how Do I go about making a shared vault/folder on Bitwarden those steps shoudl be in the migration form 1Password about what to check who its shared with how to set that up again on Bitwarden so you have exactly the same here.

Hey @MrCaspan are you trying to important shared items? If so, it should work if you import into the organization rather than the individual view.

I had no issues brining in my Shared Vault I just wish they had of gone into a folder called shared the same as they were in 1Passowrd

Gotcha, there is more info here on conditioning a CSV for import if you want to have a look at the structure: Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help Center

yeah I did see all that information. the problem is if you export a CSV it will only export usernames and passwords from 1Password so it doesn’t contain anything else like notes, those type of things, two factor authentication… so you can’t really do CSV export with 1password and have it be useful. I was really hope I could do it this way and just specify the folder for each one that had certain tags on it.

Thanks for the clarity! If you get time, can you report the issue on Github with steps to reproduce for the team to investigate?

I’m going to change this to a Feature Request and update the topic title to Convert 1Password Vaults to Bitwarden Folders when Importing .1PUX (was: The Web App seems to be have some bugs), since you have not described any bugs in the OP.

I did describe a UI bug on the web… did you not read my OP?

I did read the OP, but I evidently did not carefully read the ending of your second paragraph — apologies. It is best to only bring up one topic per forum topic anyway, so would you mind posting about the disappearing folder view in a separate topic (or just report it on GitHub, which is the proper forum for bug reports)?

I’ll go post something on GitHub but you do realize how bad this looks right. Look at all this and I haven’t even started to use the app in production yet? like what normal person would go through this? seems broken and they want me to trust them with all my passwords!!

Hi @MrCaspan and welcome to the community :tada:

Please do create an issue on Github with all the details (1P-version, multi-vaults, tags, shared-folders, etc.). Whatever you can think of that might be related to your import-case. I had seen your posts but hadn’t had time until now to respond.

For context, here’s the PR for the implementation of the 1Pux importer I wrote: Add importer for 1Password's new export format (.1pux) by djsmith85 · Pull Request #594 · bitwarden/jslib · GitHub

As Bitwarden does not support multiple vaults as an individual (for orgs: either multiple orgs or collections), I assumed the tags would be the closest match to Bitwarden’s folders/collections.

If you can provide a detailed report, we can look into the scenario and see if we can support it. Importing all vaults as folders won’t work, as tags also exist. So we will have to look into this.

I can understand the initial frustration as you did not have the smoothest experience while importing we are aiming for.

To import shared vaults/folders, you will need to import through the Tools menu in the Organization Menu. Any tags will get converted into Bitwarden collections.

Further info about importing from 1P can be found here

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@djsmith85 Thanks for the response. I use vaults so that I can have passwords for clients and family members that always need IT support. I more or less use them to just keep stuff organized but there are some clients that I share the vault with them as read only so they can access certain things. To be honest I have never even herd of tags until @grb and I were talking about it on someone else’s thread.

Don’t take the comments too harshly I was being very blunt it’s just my opinion but I am tasked with finding a new Password Manager for our entire org since the LastPass breach and stupidity. I wanted to leave my feedback that just doing a simple test of my personal account form 1Password to Bitwarden because I believe in living in a product for a week or two before deciding and just wanted to give my feedback. We are actually going to be coming from LastPass for the org, and my next test will be my LastPass to Bitwarden.

Oh wow, I just noticed what @grb said but didn’t realize if I rename it to .zip that I can extract the files. They told me it was a JSON file but when I opened it in Notepad++ it was a binary file so I didn’t even think about it. Now I am able to open the data file and find an entry that I know has a tag on it and then search for the Vault ID and then give each item a tag name and based on your logic I can gotcha that’s one way I guess.

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