Conversion from LastPass

Looking for advice to smooth migration from LastPass

First - it seems any local Equivalent Domains need to be manually recreated (don’t move with the import/export process).

Secondly, I am being very irritated by the way Bitwarden keeps seizing control of the Firefox Sidebar when I visit pages. I can’t see an obvious way in FF or Bitwarden to prevent this happening. Does anyone have a suggestion? (I like to have Treestyle tabs always visible in the sidebar)

I don’t use the sidebar in FF, but I do have “Other Bookmarks” visible on the bookmark toolbar, on the far right. That way I can pull it down and get to all of my bookmarks in a similar fashion to using the sidebar. Maybe that would help your situation.

I have the sidebar and not clear what the problem is?

Tab Session Manager is what I use. Lifesaver.