Container unhealthy / cannot use Data Leak Report / cannot verify email

Hello, and thanks to everyone who’s going to contribute to my problems !

I’m using an Ubuntu server 22.04.3 in a virtual machine

I have few problems that I report here, I think it comes from my proxy :

1st : the majority of my containers have an unhealthy status.

they all have access to internet (proxy configured in ~/bwdata/env/uid.env)

2nd : data leak report send me the following message instantly after I click it : “An error occurred while trying to load the report. Try again…”

3rd : the email verification feature is not sending any emails from the server.

Important : I’m using a proxy, when I tried to install it with the command “./ install” it doesn’t work after I enter the installation ID and specify the EU servers, it says “cannot contact” so I decide to get around by installing it in another network without the proxy and it worked.
After the installation complete i put it back into my first network and start Bitwarden with the following command “ start” and it worked.

Now I can use Bitwarden but still have this email verification message

Cannot use the data leak report feature and always have these unhealthy containers.

Again thanks to those whose going to help me !

i configured my email informations on the global env file and it worked.
but still have these unhealthy containers, anyone help ?
i also see that it created a lot of ipv6 addresse (43) is it normal ?