Contact sync with mobile phone?

It would be amazing to use bitwarden to save my contacts in a secure location.

Could do a section like card or identity but it would be for contacts. Allowing that section to sync with the Android/iPhone contacts app on request or automatically.

I like this idea. I am working on importing all of my contacts to Bitwarden as identities. Trying to figure out what the type field should be for identities when doing a CSV import.

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I doubt “identities” is meant to be used this way. I also doubt Bitwarden is the right application to provide this feature.

Is a CardDAV adressbook what you are talking about?

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I know exactly what a CardDAV sync server is I have a nextcloud server up and running. It would be amazing just to have bitwarden take care of the contacts.

This would be a really nice feature.Having contacts as a new item would be the best way to do it. Contact info can also be considered as sensitive information. So i think this feature would be appropriate for a password manager. I am pretty sure people will use this.

hope to see this as well since on for exemple ios, we are stuck with gafam contact sync or the NOT ENCRYPTED ON SERVER caldav.

I think a new category for contacts would be great. I would live to have a copy of my contacts stored in an encrypted location. It wouldn’t even have to sync with my phone, I’d be happy with a CSV import for names and contact information.

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