Constantly locking me out

Since today, the desktop version 1.15.2 (mac) constantly locks me out, even when I configure Lock Options “never”. PIN functionality also being ignored. Typing the master password over and over again is not fun. In a perfect world there would be a working fingerprint identification.

Thank you for your help.

MacBook Pro 13, Mojave 10.14.6

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I have the same problem on Windows 10 x64 (fully updated) using Firefox. No matter what I do, and however I set the lock options when I restart the browser BW requires unlocking! [Edit] Now found that “never” works, but not what I want!

As my habit, and I don’t want to change it, is to close the browser whenever I have finished with it, this is a real nuisance.

Version 1.41.1 Firefox extension.

Same problem with me. Yesterday I reinstalled my Windows 10 and so I had to newly install Vivaldi browser (2.7.1628.33.x64). After installing version 1.41.0 of the browser plugin every time I close Vivaldi I get locked out and have to log in. The only lock option that works is “Never”. Then I’m already locked in when starting Vivaldi. But I don’t want that lock option. :frowning:

Same version of Vivaldi and the plugin worked until yesterday. What could be the problem?? :thinking:

Similar problems with the Extension. With the option “Lock at Computer Lock”
In Brave Browser and Google Chrome: The only option that doesn’t work with me is: “Lock at Computer Lock”. For the rest it works.
In Firefox: I re-installed the extension and there is not an option for “Lock at the computer Lock”! For the rest it works.
It seems in Firefox Extension this option is no longer active and in Chromium based (?) browser the Extension doesn’t work well.

It was extremely useful to unlock one time in a computer session!

Brave Versione 0.69.132 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit).
Firefox Quantum 69.0.2 (64bit).

Any movement on this? I’m finding BitWarden randomly logs itself out. Sometimes after an hour, sometimes in minutes.

bitwarden extension for Brave keeps locking put everytime I close the browser, even if in the setting I specified to lock out at system lock.

Also I specified to unlock with PIN, but it (almost) never ask for PIN. It’s becoming so annoying to input my strong password everytime (and mistyping something eachtime) to just set the timeout to never

any news on this front?

Reset the PIN and make sure to DEactivate this option:



Closing the browser completely will always result in a prompt for either PIN or Master Password unless vault timeout is set to ‘Never’.

For the timeout functions, they are all using device memory (not disk) to store your encryption key, and as such need your browser to remain open to have a space in memory to save this key. You can read them all as “X minutes/hours, or until you close the browser.”

Using the ‘never’ option actually writes your key to disk (not recommended) and will persist through opening/closing the browser and even rebooting your device.

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Thank you, this worked! Now it ask me only to input the pin.ù

Must have misunderstood what that option meant during setup and forgot about it. I must admit I don’t fully understand when that option would be relevant then, maybe for a browser that doesn’t fully close and stay open in the background like chrome?

thanks for the explanation, now it makes sense.

Since I installed the desktop app (win10) and the app is always running in background, could the browser extension rely on that?

I ticked the enable browser integration, but it seems to do nothing (I don’t have biometrics)

The browser integration is only for biometrics currently, but there is an open request to have a functionality like that :slight_smile:

Mac/Linux don’t ‘close’ the browser when you close the window, so it’s a little easier on those systems for the timeouts to be valid, or for those who don’t close windows ever :sweat_smile:

I believe there are some apps that will allow chrome (or other apps) to keep running in the background even if you close the window, which may help.

I’m using Edge and (obviously, since you’ve explained how above) it also keeps locking me out on Browser close. Since a few months Edge should have some kind of persistent feature, but I’m not smart enough to know whether this can ‘solve’ the issue I`m experiencing or not.

Would it be possible to check if this flag can somehow help to keep Bitwarden active in Edge, as apparently the browser now runs in the background (but BW keeps locking):

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