Constantly getting "Should Bitwarden remember this password for you?"

This bug has been annoying me since I started using BitWarden after switching from LastPass. I enter a password on a given site (bank site in most cases), and when BitWarden pops up asking “Should Bitwarden remember this password for you?”, I click “Never”. For whatever reason, it just keeps asking me every time I open up those pages anyway.

Hello Dan,
I think some other person reported this issue as well, not sure.
But you can disable these notifications easily
Go to Settings–>Scroll down and select Options–>Tick ‘Disable Add Login Notification’ and ‘Disable Changed Password Notification’.

Is that site specific then? I don’t want to disable it for every site, just sites that have sensitive information,

Just a guess, but I would suspect the URL is changing everytime you log in. There is a setting for filling the login info by matching the URL exactly or by Base URL. I use Base URL. Again, just a guess.

And I agree, LastPass just worked. Bitwarden is a Beta product.

My problem is similar - Bitwarden asks me EVERYTIME I log into a site if I want to save the password. Problem: it has already saved the password. I’m using Brave, Chrome, Firefox and occasionally Aloha browsers. It happens on all of them.

Is your answer the same? If so, I’m stumped about the Settings URL. I’ve searched everywhere in my Bitwarden URLs and never see the word Options, or Tick “Disable Add Login Notification.” I’d appreciate your help!