Constantly being logged out - Safari

Please please please, can we sort out that constant log outs in Safari and for that matter IOS, it is tedious reentering the long string I have for the master password, and this issue is persistent for ever.

On IOS surely if I have got pass face id to get into the phone, this is a decent level of security? Why does it have to keep logging me out?

Why can’t I log into bitwarden with my fingerprint on the mac laptop, again these features are there for using but for what ever reason every few days boom, I am logged out yet again.

Even dummer, the bitwarden app itself is logged in, just on safari I am getting booted.

Please fix!

I don’t get constantly logged out. I also use my fingerprint reader to unlock Bitwarden so I don’t have to type in my master password all the time. It all works just fine for me. Why are you blaming Bitwarden when all of this is possible already?

I urge you to read the Bitwarden help articles. Here are a few that will be particularly vaulable:

P.S. I don’t work for Bitwarden - I am just another Bitwarden customer in the community.

Hi and thanks, none of these fix the fundamental issue of it logging out randomly and seemingly for no reason at least once a week. Its set to never logout.

Hey @garethsnaim1, if you have reviewed your vault timeout settings (configured per client) and if your OS, Safari and Bitwarden are up to date and you are still experiencing the issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden for additional assistance.

Ok I will because its not an issue on my two pcs, one with Edge (Chromium) and Chrome, they stay logged in indefinitely.

The problem is defo with Safari, my wife experiences the same issue, its about the only thing we miss from lastpass (as well as being able to auto fill pop up paypal boxes)