Confused while Using Bitwarden to Open an App on my Android (Pixel 4a)

I tried searching using various keywords but only found questions not related to my own.

I’m not having any trouble using Bitwarden in my browser on my Pixel 4a smartphone. But I am having mixed results using apps on the smartphone with Bitwarden’s autofill feature. Here is what happens:

  1. I open the app and see the username and password boxes on the same screen.
  2. I tap on the username box and get the keyboard screen with a little box labeled with the email address of the website for the client’s website. I should note I can use Bitwarden in my browser to log into that website so that item is what the app is seeing in my vault at this point. I tap the box and my username is entered. So far, so good.
  3. Next I tap on the password box and again the keyboard screen pops up but this time the little box is labeled, “Bitwarden My vault”. If I tap on that it sends me to my vault in Bitwarden with the email address of the website which is the item I have set up in my vault for the client. I know I can open it and copy my password and paste it into the password box. But…

Edited to add:
Below I am describing how on the Amazon smartphone app, the username and password fields autofill without any issues. So what could be the problem with my other app that has both fields on the initial screen but requires cut/paste and what might I be able to do to correct it?

This does not happen with another app I use (Amazon’s online shopping app). Amazon includes a separate page for the username and another for the password. It works fine. So why am I having this problem with the app in question? Is there something I must do to customize Bitwarden’s behavior or are some apps just not compatible with how Bitwarden works?


Do you have your lock timeout set really short (mine is set at 1 minute, and I experience the same thing you do sometimes). I just reauthenticate in the Bitwarden app and copy the password, which sounds like what you are doing.

In other words, when I experience this it’s due to the vault timing out and locking between when the username is entered and when the password is entered.

Maybe (for testing) increase the duration of the timeout and see if that resolves the issue.

I just tried your suggestion. It was originally set at 1 hour so I upped it to 4 but no joy.

If the smartphone app is outside any browser and the Bitwarden vault item that appears when I tap the password field was created for the browser website then how does Bitwarden make any connection? When I tap the password box I get “Bitwarden My vault” and “Possible matching items” appears with a “1” at the far upper right corner and the website item listed below. So Bitwarden is seeing a possible match and needs my feedback to get the password (copy/paste).

I really do not get how an item meant for a browser website can also work for a smartphone app. This is similar to the fact that Bitwarden desktop cannot work for any desktop apps that require a username/login to open. There doesn’t appear to be any way for Bitwarden to establish a path to the username and password data for autofill to work. Does this make sense or am I missing something?

Hey @scrapser there are a few flavors of autofill to experiement with on Android, let me know if this guide helps.

Hi @scrapser! If I understand your question correctly, the answer is that a single login can have multiple URIs so that it can support login to both the website and android app. For instance, here is a screenshot of the URIs that I have for CVS:

Screenshot 2023-01-04 9.07.24 AM

I’m use a Pixel 5a by the way.

Thanks for that info. I will give that a try in addition to getting more familiar with the information suggested by “dwbit” above. I have already discovered some new behavior by enabling “Use draw-over” which still requires me to tap the vault item to get the data to autofill. But I still am doing it manually and want the autofill to be seamless.

May I ask how you determine what the app URI is? I will Google to find out the answer in the meantime.


Bitwarden asks if I want to save the URI the first time that I apply the saved credentials to the app. I have never entered an app URI manually.

Also, if it helps, I have all autofill settings turned on in my Bitwarden app on my Pixel 5a.

Let me know how it all works out for you!

Thanks again.

First off, I had already turned all my autofill settings on from reading the info on the links provided by “dwbit”.

Next, I think I’m getting warm now. I deleted my Bitwarden item and started from scratch on the setup based on what you told me in your last reply. It took me a couple of tries and realized I needed to do things a little different. So I opened Bitwarden and set up a login item for the app from scratch. At this point I did not have the URL to save but saved anyway. Then I opened the app and tapped the username box. This caused a popup to appear asking if I wanted to autofill from Bitwarden. I tapped the popup and low and behold there is the URL at the top of the screen and my item is appearing in the list all by itself. So I opened that and the URL was added to the item which I then saved.

Next, I went into my desktop browser (Chrome) and went to the same website and tried to login. The site was no longer recognized but I was able to do the same thing and create a second item for the website. Lastly, I opened to first item I had created for the mobile app, copied the URL there and pasted it onto the second item as a second URL and saved it. Then I deleted the first item for the mobile app and tried logging in to the browser website which works fine.

Finally when I open the mobile app and tap the username field, I get a popup asking “Auto-fill with Bitwarden”? When I tap that Bitwarden opens and I get my new item from the vault. When I tap that the screen closes and both username and password are autofilled on my app and I can log in.

I’m still not getting the autofill to work without jumping through the hoops as I just described. But I’m closer than I have ever been.

Hey @scrapser if you need additional support at any time, feel free to reach out to the official support team at