Configure Self-Hosted Server URL Automatically via Policy

Hello! I am setting up Bitwarden at my organization and would like to know if it is possible to pre-populate the URL for the self-hosted environment within the browser extension automatically. I read a Github issue here that indicated it might not be possible, which would be a big pain as we are self-hosting the server for ~500 users-to-be.

We would like the capability to pre-configure the server URL based on a group policy or policy within Azure, if possible. Not having this ability, while not a showstopper, is a major inconvenience to our training staff who will need to instruct our new employees on how to do this as well as all of our staff who will need to do this every time they log into a new machine.

Please let me know if this is possible, we are hoping to have this ready before February. Thank you so much!


Hi @alfonsojon,

this is possible, please have a look at this article.

Generally the whole On-Premise- hosting and Organization section will be bery helpful for any questions you might have during the initial setup in your company.

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Thanks! I totally missed that - much appreciated. Regarding the desktop app, is there a way we can configure it with a group policy rather than editing a config file? If the config file needs to be edited that is okay, but a policy would be preferred.

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