Configurable client sync intervals

Hi, I’m very satisfied with bitwarden and its premium features. However, the sync intervals seem a bit too slow. The desktop app syncs ok but the browser extension makes me sync manually all the time. If an option gets added, this could be fixed or the sync intervals could be made smaller. Thanks!

According to (*) the sync-interval currently is set to 30min. Do you really constantly make so many changes that you need to sync “all the time” ?
I could also ask the other way around: Does your browser extension sync at all ? Perhaps something is not ok so that you have to sync manually ?
How about a test? Sync the extension manually and start a timer, then start the desktop app, sync it, then make a change and sync it again. Check in the extension when the timer reaches let’s say 35min.

(*) Sync your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support

I started the timer and trying it right now. But it would be quite nice to have it sync once a minute or something like that. I really like Bitwarden and this is the only problem I’m having. Thanks!

Ok so it’s been 40 minutes, still haven’t synced. I kept the extension open for 45 minutes. Changes didn’t show up. What should I do?

There is a near ‘instant’ sync service between all the clients (for personal items, organization items in a collection sync every 30 min).

It seems like you may have a firewall issue preventing the sync service from communicating. You may want to give our Customer Success team an email here: and see if they can assist in troubleshooting.

Syncing manually works normally tho, can firewall still be messing around?

Yep, the sync is an API call over standard ports, the sync ‘push’ messages may be blocked (it’s just a small message that tells the extension to call the sync commands).

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Great, thanks @tgreer I’m gonna go ahead and contact them. Thanks!

@tgreer Would you be against a possible “fix” for this?

Currently working on a proof of concept… in short, you should be able to make the website capable of opening up a perpetual connection to the extension. I have actually done such a thing with my own Chrome Extensions and it works phenomenally better than trusting strict NATs and defaulted firewalls from blocking push communications (and less costly depending on what/how you’re going about doing that).

Let me know what your thoughts are, and if my little idea has any merit.

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Thanks @steinerd!

Definitely post the details in the GitHub contributions category and we can review/evaluate the pros/cons.