Complaints after trying Bitwarden for 1 hour

I think the 3 and a half year old request is clear, so nothing I can say will change anything.

As a 1 hour old new user, I find the usability of the web and Windows clients lacking:

  • search works in a non-standard way: search gives you a lot of results if you already have multiple accounts, and you need to learn a specific syntax to filter them. This is not good UI. Make the search work as expected, offer fuzzy search and other functionality as extra, not as standard. Instead of “abc def”, just search for “> *abc* *def*” – yeah, easy to type every time.
  • duplicate “folders”… Which percentage of users want something like this? Which other program offers this “feature”?
  • deleting a folder doesn’t delete subfolders. What?
  • importing from another app duplicates entries/folders/subfolders without any issue. Power to the user!
    • cleaning those up could involve hundreds of clicks. No mass deletion, no drag & drop.
  • selection of folder could be improved so that you don’t have to click exactly on the name, but you could click on the empty space near it
  • notes (which often could include secrets, I mean why wouldn’t they) are not hidden by default.
    • You have no option to hide them
    • People recommend using a hidden field, which doesn’t allow multi lines, and you would have to move all the notes after importing manually to that field
  • After deleting multiple folders, the entries are under “No folder”, and I can’t select and delete multiple ones as far as I can see (Windows client)
  • When deleting a “folder”, you’re not warned that N entries will be moved somewhere else
  • Password history is super hard to find, if you don’t google for that information
  • In the web client, if I want to add an account, the name field doesn’t have focus, I need to press tab first.

The app seems to have a very spartan look, I would not expect that for a 5 year old app. I wonder:

  • where the focus for development is
  • why the issue with duplicate folders was closed without providing a reason behind it
  • why it will take more than 3 years to improve the search (for the normal user, not for a fancy use case)
  • and because of this how secure the app is TBH

I will probably remain a 1 hour old user, and keep using my old, local PW manager for the time being.

@Andrei Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post into its own topic in the general discussion section of the forum, since 90% of what you wrote was not relevant to the feature request thread where you had originally posted it.