Community Developer, Server Setup, Visual Studio Version-specific Requirement?

Just getting started setting up BitWarden server / clients to possibly contribute to the project. I have cloned both BW server and clients repositories from GitHub and have the code on my development machine.

My question is what specific version of Visual Studio is required in order to compile the server code?

My development machine environment:

  • Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit
  • Visual Studio 2019.
  • .NET 6.0 SDK (along with other version SDK’s).

I am getting a “Version 6.0.405 of the .NET SDK requires at least version 17.0.0 of MSBuild. The current available version of MSBuild is” error when trying to load the BW server Solution / all BW server Projects.

Does this mean I need to have VS 2022 installed in order to compile the BW server components? I ask, as the BW Server Setup Getting Started Guide / Requirements page just lists “Visual Studio” as the requirement, and not a specific version. If so, I just want to make sure before I upgrade my VS, which might involve spinning up a new VM with Windows 11 as VS 2022 will not install on Windows 7.

Please advise, and thanks for listening.

Hey @Thlucas you can chat with devs regarding code contribution/environment setup here bitwarden/Lobby - Gitter

Thanks - will do.