Command-Line Interface (CLI) version number correct?

I downloaded the CLI zip file for linux ( and unzipped it. I then run the following:

bw --version

The version returned is 2023.1.0. Shouldn’t return 2023.12.1?

Are you sure you are executing the right binary? Because mine shows the correct version:

kiko@penguin:~$ ls -l bw
-rwxr-x--- 1 kiko kiko 103914343 Dec 20 01:41 bw

kiko@penguin:~$ sha256sum bw
480c823996616ed053b819e86d3dfe8282b7b30c1af3f6e55ee769a6cd5178fe  bw

kiko@penguin:~$ ./bw --version

kiko@penguin:~$ ./bw update
No update available.
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@kpiris Oops, I was not executing the right binary. I’m still not that familiar with Linux. Thanks for your help!

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