colorizedPassword Upper Case Addition

A friend of mine was in a situation where they were reading out a password to a physical device but could not tell the difference between capital and lowercase letters when displaying the password.

with a little context, it was possible to figure out what the issue was but I had thought that the password visibility option should distinguish between each class of character.

Looking at the code I found that it classifies each character as three or 4 different classes

  • letter = default(white or black depending on theme)
  • number = Blue
  • symbol = red
  • and Emoji

My feature request is simple, add another class for uppercase letters that would help distinguish between upper and lower case letters at a glance.

I have produced a PR it GitHub (#5136) with the code changed to get the below result in the UI. This adds a class for Upper case letters between A and Z and colors them Green.

A few issues:

  • What color should upper case letters be, given not all people preserve colors the same way?
  • Would it make more sense to use something like an underline or a bold; or might that confuse the issue?

Thanks for sharing @Hossimo I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback :+1: