Colon (punctuation)


Is it planned to fix the colon (punctuation/spaces) issues on all the platforms/clients for languages other than English? This part is displayed on each edit of an item (please see the attached image).

  • In English: this is correct.
  • In French: this is not correct.
  • In French[space]: this is correct.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-21 125548

As you can see, there’s a space just before and after the colon.
By the way, the first line, “Mis à jour :” is correct. The others lines aren’t.


Can you link me to a source string you’re looking at in Crowdin? Just want to verify the setup.

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Sure, here they are (Desktop version):

Thanks, I’ll share with the team!

@Inkoming can you clarify if the space is in the translated line or purely just the way the system shows this info?

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The space is not inside the localization string. It looks to be hardcoded. So:

purely just the way the system shows this info.

That’s why I think the devs need to remove the space from the code we can’t access from our side, and put it in the localization string so we can do our job.

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