Collection/Organization/Group - Confused

Hello, I am a premium customer, very happy with the product!!

I am trying to figure out how to create a collection/org/group to isolate work related uid/pw from the rest of my vault. I currently do it via a collection, which shares master password? That seems wrong, I want an isolated id and pw to access only a specific set of uid/pwds.

Recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Hello @kramer9sti and welcome to the community,

It really depends on your work flow.

  • Many work from home or small business types may decide to combine all their logins in a single personal vault
  • Others will keep personal logins in their personal vault, and separate items out into a separate organization (though these are primarily for sharing logins)
  • Some, such as myself, chose to have two separate logins for Bitwarden.
    1. For personal logins etc, with you personal email
    2. For work logins, used with your work email

The last option is really ideal if you ask me in keeping those personal related items separate from work related items.

I believe this is how Bitwarden intends to have the service used as well, as noted in

If you already have a separate personal Bitwarden account, use the email address attached to that account. If you don’t already have a separate personal Bitwarden account, you will need to create one with the personal email you enter here. Do not use the email address or Bitwarden account attached to the sponsoring organization.

I paid for a family organization in my personal account for years so it’s nice now that my Org uses the enterprise plan we have the ability to have that sponsored by my enterprise account.
Also helps to encourage other users to take it home and use it personally.

Ideally you’d have a separate secure master passphrase that was unique to your personal/work accounts and not have them the same, and ofc secured with 2FA login as well.