Cmd + shift + 9 extra clicks?

As I understand it, if you need to generate a password in the browser… once you’re in the password field, doing the above shortcut will create a password and put it on the clipboard. Why can’t doing this shortcut simply generate the password and put it in the field for me? It makes no sense as to why I now have to manually paste it in and go through these extra steps.

Also, I find the right click auto fill clunky as well. Other password managers will prompt you with the password to enter when clicking in the field. If it’s correct just click on it or select the one you need should you have multiple accounts. Having to navigate through a sub menu for this is silly.

It would really be nice if these could be streamlined and save some clicks… and improve the workflow.

Is there a reason you are not using Ctrl+Shift+L to autofill? Alternatively, you can just open the browser extension (by left-clicking the Bitwarden icon, or using the Ctrl+Shift+Y shortcut), and then left-click directly on the login that you want to autofill).

For generating passwords, I find it more convenient to create and save the login credentials (including the generated password, which takes only two left-clicks to produce if the generator settings are already to your liking) directly in the browser extension, and then autofill the web form (using a single left-click or the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut).

I use the Cmd+Shift+L (mac user) all the time. I have no issue with it, I guess I find it easier to just click with the mouse and not having to type out a ctrl sequence. Coming from 1PW, the workflow was much better with these items I mentioned above.

This is all personal preference and 1PW has it’s own workflow issues with some things. Nothing is perfect for everyone :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but if you don’t like the keyboard shortcut for autofilling, you can still autofill with just two left-clicks (first click opens the extension, second click selects the item to autofill), which seems to me to be fewer than the number of clicks required in 1PW when the account shown by default is not the one you want (or an equal number of clicks if you only have one account).

Haha, just multiple methods to achieve the same result. I get ya with clicking the extension, but I’m lazy… that means I now need to drag my mouse pointer across the screen to the extension and then back to the login button so I can click it. Some websites don’t recognize the return key :expressionless:

As for 1PW, when you click in the login box… if you have multiple accounts, it will show them all in the popup. No need to search for the next one, just click and go. Regardless, it’s all good.

My real beef is with the cmd+shift+9 shortcut that simply generates a password you can’t see and just puts it on the clipboard in the background. Just seems like it could be made to be more useful, like paste it in the password box and show what it is. Maybe I’m just being picky.

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I never use the “Ask to add login” or “Ask to update existing login” options, as my impression from the forum is that these don’t work robustly on every site (and that failure to save login credentials to the vault can sometimes lead to becoming locked out, if the new credentials took effect in the online account, but not in the vault). Therefore, I never have a need to generate a password directly on a web form. Instead, I find it much easier and safer to quickly create or modify a vault item and click the “generate” icon for the password field, then click “Select” on the generator screen, then “Save”. At this point, I just use one of the autofill mechanisms to apply the generated password to the web form.

It is the reverse sequence of how most other password managers start by creating credentials in the web form, and then transfer those credentials to the vault. However, I prefer the other way, because it never fails, and I never have to worry about the login credentials not being saved in the vault.

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Good point… simply a different workflow. Appreciate the help and I guess sometimes, one just needs to adapt.

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