Cloudfare DNS records with Nginx Proxy Manager

I have a self-hosted install of BW and I’ve since added Cloudfare DNS Records so that Nginx Proxy Manager can route the same local ip address to different ports and machines.

I obtained a domain “fake[dot]org” and with this I create Proxied A records for all my local servers in my home lab etc. I point to my local Nginx Proxy Manager and it resolves the domain name to local machine and port.

A record - (name) portainer[dot]fake[dot]og (Content) - 192[dot]168[dot]1[dot]999 (Proxy status) DNS only - reversed IP

Then in Nginx Proxy Manager I create a Proxy Host as follows:
(Source) (Destination) 192[dot]168[dot]1[dot]33:9000

Go to in my browser and save the user name and password in BW. I do the same for all of my local services. Next time I go to that URL BW shows me every DNS entry that matches 192[dot]168[dot]1[dot]999, sure this happens because the domain name resolves to the same IP address.

How to I configure BW so that it only matches the correct instance. I either need BW to resolve against NPM or to match multiple URL in BW by host name and ip address.

Sorry for the “[dot]”, the only way I could make the post

Hi @Michael_Register, welcome to Community! :wave:

Unless you have the IP address saved as the URI for this login item, it should not be matching based on the IP address that the domain name resolves to.

You may be helped by changing your matching settings, either for this particular item or the default. If you have many URLs which include, you may want to consider using either Starts with or Host for your matching, depending on your settup.

Base Domain is the default and it would match your as well as or any other

I hope this helps, but if you have additional questions, please feel free to let us know!