Cloud-based State Backend for Directory Connector

One really nice feature for the Directory Connector is if it had some sort of cloud-based storage backend for the state file. Right now the only backends are file-based and keyring-based, which are primarily useful if the connector is running constantly on a server.

It’d be great if the connector had a backend that, for example, uploaded its state file to AWS (perhaps encrypted S3, or AWS Secret Manager).

This would allow the directory connector to be used as an AWS Lambda function, meaning it could be more easily and more cheaply hosted and operated without needing a dedicated server for it.

(There is a workaround here, in that an organization could just create some sort of wrapper script that runs the connector CLI with the file-based backend, then uploads the state file manually to AWS after it finishes. So this is mostly for convenience so that admins wouldn’t have to write this script themselves.)