CLOSED: Add more fields to a login form

Some websites, e.g. openair require more information than username and password, in the case of openair the companyid.
The current way to login to openair is letting the extension fill my username and password, and then enter the companyid.

My suggestion:
When editing an item, I can add an additional field. Not one, that “just” stores information about the item, but a field that relates to the login process.
For example for the new field, I hover with the mouse over the webpage, click on the corresponding field, and the vault would store its tag (e.g. <input type="text" class="input-block-level" name="account_nickname" id="input_company" placeholder="Company ID" value="">) with my value for this field

You can use custom fields :

They provide everything you describe.

That’s awesome!
To be honest, I didn’t read the documentation regarding the custom fields, as I directly thought, it is just for storing information to the item.
Well that changes a lot!
Thank you

Do I have to mark this thread as closed or resolved?

I don’t think you can close your own topic, you need to flag it for moderation so they can close it :slight_smile: