Close button for form fill pop up

Bitwarden recently added a form filling pop up that allows me to select from entries that match the site I am on. However, this pop up is obscuring pop-ups that the site provides - for example, if I am trying to specify email addresses or usernames for other people in a form I can’t see the options because Bitwarden has added its pop up over the top of the site’s. Here is an example for granting access in Sharepoint:
While I love the ability to select from my passwords, there are times where I want to fill in something else. It should be stupid easy to close the Bitwarden pop up so that I can access the sites provided pop up!

This is happening in Edge and other Chromium based browsers. If it is not possible to add a close button, then I do not believe this feature is viable!

Press escape or click outside the popup.