Clipboard sync between devices with Bitwarden

Clipboard sync between devices with Bitwarden.

This idea I really don’t like. Why not?

  1. It’s adding features that don’t belong in a password manager, but in a clipboard manager. Feature creep is a real risk when running a successful project.
  2. It’s about automatically storing data (your clipboard) into a cloud solution, which in its own opens a sh*tload of security risks (just imagine an evil me installing an empty bitwarden installation on your computer without you knowing… and sniffing up everything you copy on your computer into my notepad on a remote computer.

This! Having a feature like this opens up an unnecessary security holes. Plus, it will add more unnecessary complexity to the code.

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I’m naming my next newborn Feature-Creep.

Thank you for an excellent reply, @JurgenG !

The Browser Opera already supports a similar function called My Flow, which syncs clipped text, websites, addresses etc, encrypted, across all devices logged in to an account. Let’s try something like that rather than over-complicate BW.