Client: URI not recognizing ports for locally hosted applications. (QoL)


I self-host quite a few applications, and locally I connect to them from other machines on the local network via the host machines IPv4 address or via my PiHoles DNS address for the host machine (e.g. server.local).

I connect via HTTP/S depending on the app, and a specific port for a specific application. These applications are password protected.

My issue at the moment is that within Bitwarden, despite adding multiple URI entries within each apps Login information that are a specific port or subdomain, whenever I visit http://LocalIP:PORT, where PORT is only tied to one Bitwarden entry, it presents me with every Bitwarden entry associated with the domain (in this case the local IP).

I’m not sure if this is done for a security reason, but when I’m hosting so many apps, I just find it slowing me down.

This is more of a QoL feature request.


Check out the Match Detection FAQ. Specifically, the sections on “Host”, “Starts With”, and “Regular Expression”.

I generally use “Starts With” for my port-specific entries.

Note: Most Match Detection does not work on iOS and that is a limitation of iOS, not Bitwarden.