Click-flow for TOTP-based site?

Hey all, new to Bitwarden and just wanted to see if I’m missing something to make life easier or if this is just the only click flow at this point in time for filling info on a site which requires TOTP.

I’m doing my work, something comes up where I need to log into a site that I know is in my Bitwarden. Currently, this is what I do (in Safari):

  1. Click Bitwarden icon
  2. Defaults to Logins page, so click to My Vault
  3. Navigate to item associated with website in question, click its name rather than the launch link, because if I click the name it will show me the screen with the TOTP code.
  4. On that screen, first click the copy button for the TOTP code
  5. Still on same screen, now click the launch button next to the website name; site loads in the background
  6. Click “Close” to get back to the My Vault screen because there is no button to fill the credentials from the item screen
  7. Click Tab icon at the bottom
  8. Click what should now be the name of the Login item associated with the site in question to get the fields to fill
  9. Click into the TOTP box and paste; log in.

I realize the naming of TOTP fields is likely completely random, so auto filling that is going to be a problem, but this seems like a lot of clicking around. I was hoping I’ve missed something. Ideally I’d like a button on the item screen so after viewing or copying the TOTP code, I just click that button to fill the fields the same way I’d have done from the Login item list; that would cut out the three clicks navigating out and back to the login item.


Steps 1-4 are not necessary. Your TOTP code will be automatically copied to your clipboard whenever you autofill in step 8.

Ah, thanks, I see that now testing in Firefox. In Safari the auto copy does not seem to occur.

Yes, this was a bug in Safari that is fixed in the next version.