CLI: getting a secret value itself only (not the whole secret entry)

Would it make sense to be able to get a secret value on its own? I mean the CLI seems a little incomplete when e.g. jq is needed to export a value as an environment variable (as shown here Developer Quick Start | Bitwarden Help Center).

One of the solutions I can imagine would be to add a special output for the secret for this e.g. as follows:

export SECRET_2=$(bws get secret 80b55c29-5cc8-42eb-a898-acfd01232bbb --output value)

Hey Opichals,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the secret retrieval process in the Bitwarden Secrets Manager CLI.

I agree that adding a special output option to retrieve the secret value should be possible and I added it to our backlog.

If you have any more ideas or questions, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Thanks again for reaching out!

Best regards,


I just tried BWS and it’s pretty neat but was really hoping the CLI had the ability described here where just the value can be returned without having to use jq or such to extract it.

Kindly implement. For scripting this is essential…