Cli create organization fails

Hi everyone

im struggling to create an organization though the bitwarden cli

here is what I do:
export jsondata=$(echo ‘{“organizationId”: “1e098c93-dfe3-46a4-ae10-8e1cfa891efd”, “name”:“mytestOrg”}’ | bw encode)
bw create org-collection $jsondata --organizationid 1e098c93-dfe3-46a4-ae10-8e1cfa891efd

The error is then
No encryption key for this organization.

What am I missing?

The template json of an org-collection does not have anything with an encryptionkey… so im mission something…

Thanks for your time :smiley:

Anyone? - I would be very pleased with some help :smiley:

Are there any clues provided in this github thread, @Maltazar?

Yes I have looked at that, but in this case it’s a creation of a new organization and not a collection inside an already existing organization…

so it’s not what I was looking for…

but maybe thats the whole problem? - it’s not possible to create an organization in any other way than through the GUI?