CLI, command line interface

CLI, command line interface

These could both be added, I think.

Added! I’m also adding API and full form.

I structured the API one like this, listing Public API and Vault Management API as variants, but let me know if you have any feedback:

Those look great in the sidebar, including very detailed descriptions. Now the only problem is that the variants are not in the translatable glossary and only “Application Programming Interface” appears there. I assume that only the first term within a concept is synced (unless these are not yet fully updated for some reason?). This is the problem I have raised before too, with these two glossaries not working well together (Crowdin problem/limitation, I think).

Ah, I see, I may have to break those out into separate glossary items then, I’ll double check with Crowdin to see if this is on their roadmap.

Are you able to click on the 3 dots and then choose view? I tried this from a test account and could see 4 entries.

No, viewing is ot possoble currently either, the three dot menu is there. I can see all of them if I search with API and I will correctly see them if I have relating string open. Splitting them up might be the only way to go.

I also logged in as a test user and checked a few different languages and I was able to see all the terms… hmm

Oh, you mean specifically in the translatable glossary, sorry I missed that, I’ll dig more into this one.

I can’t see the three dot menu in any Bitwarden project so viewing a concept is not possible but if I search via the sidebar glossary (for API, for example), I can see all the entries you have added and they also show up individually (like they should) for relevat strings.

When the translatable glossary is open, specifically, the sidebar glossary doesn’t show up at all. But it does show up for the translatable glossary strings too if I view them while the whole Desktop project is open.

(darn mobile keyboard constantly types some random gibberish)