Clear desktop search field after a certain amount of time

Hello. I’m proposing a change to how search works on the desktop app. I love Bitwarden overall but this part of the desktop app causes me frustration.

With the iOS version if you hit the magnifying glass to search you only see your search results and it’s clear that you’re still in search mode. You can’t select another “type”, such as “Login” until you hit the “Close” button to exit search.

With the desktop version that’s not the case at all and it’s easy to not realize you’re still in search mode. For example, I have “All Items” selected and enter a search term of “Amazon”. I click on the item I wanted and view the details about it I was interested in. I come back to my computer 5 hours later and want to see details about one of my credit cards. I click on “Card” under types and get “:frowning: There are no items to list.” That’s because “Amazon” is still in my search bar from 5 hours ago.

If the search terms were cleared after a certain amount of time it would help make this scenario less likely to occur.

Thanks, @ColorCube!

Hmm - for those who use the search as a filter and would like it to persist, perhaps a clear indication that the list is filtered, or clearing search when an item type/alternative UI area is selected would be helpful?

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Yes, I like that! I think part of my confusion stems from using 1Password for several years. If you search for something it will always search all types. After a search if you click a type it clears the search string.

Woud it be posible to clear the search when switching between Types or folders?

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I would also love this option. I use the Bitwarden app to quickly search for items all the time, so having a timer on how long the search term remains would be really helpful to speed this process up. This is something that is available in KeePassXC as “Clear search query after X minutes” with a checkbox.

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As someone who went from Keepass->1Password->Bitwarden this is definitely a pain point for me. :smiley:

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