Chromium 110 (Brave, Chrome, Edge) extension webauthn issue

FYI works OK for me Google Chrome Version 110.0.5481.97 (Official Build) (64-bit), Win 10 x64 Enterprise, WebAuthn yubikey 5 (logging into web

slightly higher version of Chrome. maybe a recent update?

Hello @CygnusAtratus and welcome to the community,

This might be a duplicate of Edge extension webauthn issue

Which should be fixed in the next release, thank you for the noted workaround though in the meantime.

Mind if I combine the two posts to consolidate and provide this to others who may also run into this issue?

Doesn’t work for me on updated Chrome Version 110.0.5481.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) Ubuntu 22.04

By all means I’m happy to combine the posts.

Chrome dev team is saying:
The Stable channel has been updated to 110.0.5481.96 for Mac and Linux and 110.0.5481.96/.97 for Windows, which will roll out over the coming days/weeks.

I’ll try the .97 release on a Windows box and see if that version fixes the issue.

It has certainly happened to me in the past few days and I suspect an “update” to Chrome.

I might have first noticed it on Saturday and left it for a few days in case it sorted itself out.

Happened to me in Edge after a update on the 13th Feb (110.0.1587.41).
Also seen Microsoft Edge Update also updated (
Currently Firefox and the App are working.

Awaiting the new version later today

So on sign in to Bitwarden extension this morning, I notice that it now opens the WebAuthn prompt in a separate browser tab and this sequence works and I can now sign in via Fido2 key. A little clunkier perhaps, but it works :slight_smile:

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still waiting on the extension update here , mashed update a few times, but no beuno!

Thanks for your patience all, it takes a little time to roll out for everyone :+1:

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extension updated, it is rather clunky/janky feeling now… with the multiple clicks in a new tab etc…
at least it works though…
the advantage before was the speed & ease at which it worked without having to click anything…
in its current state, it would be quicker & less clicks to enter a totp code.


New extension works but I hope the new clunky sequence of multiple clicks on multiple tabs is temporary.


agreed it was so usable & quick previously
enter password
tap the key…done…

now, a total step backwards…
enter password
press “open in new tab”
then click on “authenticate”
tap the key
close the new tab.

im more likely now to just press “remember me” and not use yubikey for each session, too much faff now… hoping too this is only temporary?!

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@bw-admin Could you please have the dev team look into whether any of the added clicks can be done away with (or otherwise, provide a brief confirmation that it is not technically possible to eliminate any of the added button clicks)? I understand that there may be some technical limitations standing in the way, but it does seem that the number of user confirmations now required is excessive, given the fact that the user has already consented to using Webauthn for authentication by enabling this 2FA option to begin with.

An explanation and open discussion of the technical constraints involved in this solution to the Chrome 110 bug may lead to some creative problem-solving around the usability issues.


Hey @grb I’ll share the feedback with the team :+1: