Chrome. Mac OS (M1 Mac Studio). Montery latest. Bitwarden logs me out every new page

Have the chrome extension and the Mac OS bitwarden app on my Mac Studio. In chrome every page I go to the bitwarden extension locks. I unlock it with fingerprint and then the next page or tab I open it locks up again. Timeout is set to 4 HOURS.

Anyone else seeing this?

Strange. I can’t replicate this on my M1 MacBook Pro running latest Safari and Monterey.

You might try going into the extension in Safari (not another Bitwarden client, because the setting is device-specific) and change the timeout to Never, restart Safari, and then change it back to 4 hours. Hopefully that resets it.

Couple observations as I troubleshoot.

  1. I’m using chrome not safari @dh024

  2. I think this may have something to do with using biometrics with Bitwarden. I had it set to biometrics and was using TouchID on my keyboard on the Mac. It seems this started when I enabled that feature. I disabled it and so far it has not locked up with new tabs, page refreshes, clicking links, etc. A little early to be 100% but so far it is pointing to this as the issue.

Bitwarden may want to take a look at the biometrics code and see why it is locking up and not honoring the vault timeout at all but instead locking on page loads.

Sorry @marcwarden - not sure why I was thinking Safari when you clearly said Chrome.

Hey @marcwarden I haven’t experienced this behavior on my end, have you tried removing and reinstalling the extesion?

You can also open an issue on Github with your details (OS version, Bitwarden version, etc…) for the team to investigate.

I have opened the issue on Github. This is definitively a biometric issue on Mac OS with my system running Monterey latest version and latest bitwarden versions in safari, chrome and desktop. Disabling biometrics was the only solution to stop it immediately. When biometrics are enabled I was forced in chrome and safari to unlock Bitwarden on every new page load. As soon as a hyperlink was clicked on any webpage it instantly locked the vault. With biometrics OFF it no longer does this and honors the 4 hour timeout.

Thanks for clarification, can you share the issue link?