Chrome Extension will no longer "Remember Email" Address

I’ve just found when initially signing into BW via my WIN 10 PC’s Google Browser that my e-Mail address fails to remain stored in the memory, even though I have ticked the “Remember email” Box… (repeatedly) I don’t recall changing anything (of course could be wrong!) This is a new issue I’ve not encountered before… I reset the Chrome cache but still no luck in finding what is keeping the address from being retained… I also uninstalled and re-installed the Extension… No change… Though I have BW installed on MS EDGE which I rarely if ever use, I just tested it and it has the same issue of not keeping the email address…

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I have had same problem for last week or more in Chrome extension, no problem in Firefox

I’ve been working with the Help Desk at BW, and they will hopefully move it up the chain for it to be resolved… They confirmed that Chrome was not working for them. And Chrome just had another update today, but it failed to correct the problem. Firefox works fine for me too and Edge now. Thanks for confirming what I have found… It’s small annoyance at this point… My guess is Google did some Security Update that broke it.

Same thing is happening to me. I just emailed tech support about it. Hopefully it’s a known bug and gets resolved soon.

thx kinnder… FYI… from my communication with BW, this is a new bug not previously reported… the more who report it to BW via the Help Desk, the sooner it is likely to be addressed…