Chrome extension prompts to start desktop app to allow biometric unlock, even though it is running and unlocked

Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice! New Bitwarden user here. I’m running MacOS and Chrome, and have the desktop app and the browser extension installed. The browser extension’s behaviour in terms of when it’ll allow me to unlock with biometrics seems odd, if not broken.

I have Bitwarden configured to lock automatically after 1 minute, and apparently the browser extension requires that the desktop app first be unlocked before I can use biometrics to unlock the browser extension. Fair enough, except that I unlock the desktop using biometrics, and the browser extension still behaves as though I have not done so. Even after unlocking the desktop app, the browser extension prompts me with this message:

Start the Bitwarden Desktop application
The Bitwarden Desktop application needs to be started before this function can be used.

(It is trying to automatically prompt me to supply biometrics)

To be clear, the desktop app is running and unlocked at this point. Also, I have to manually type in my Bitwarden password in order to unlock the browser extension. So, effectively, in my experience, the browser extension for Chrome does not support biometric unlocking, because it can’t detect that the desktop app is unlocked.

Thanks again for any advice on resolving this.

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Ugh, well, that was embarrassing… If this happens to you, close the desktop app, and then reopen it.


Glad you worked it out :slight_smile: