Chrome Extension not prompting for F2A login then error given

As a new user. I have the extension for Chrome installed on Edge and Chrome. Edge works fine it logs in ok with 2FA.

On Chrome when I try to login it does not prompt for 2FA and just errors.


Hello @Rill - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

My guess is that you have two separate issues with your Chrome browser extension. We will need more details about the error you are seeing to be able to help, but you might try simply reinstalling the extension.

Regarding the missing 2FA prompt, you likely enabled the Remember Me option to disable it without realizing it. See more in the 2FA FAQs here:

Thanks for the quick response. I have turned on logging for the extension.

As a new user I have never got the Chrome extension working. Edge extension works fine.

But I know my password to be correct.

Can you login to the web vault at without issue? Or are you hosting your own Bitwarden server?

Ok I apologise, must have been an autofill email issue. I manually re-typed the email and tried again. Now Working.

Merry Christmas.