Chrome extension not asking for 2FA

Hey everyone, new to bitwarden as i am coming across from LastPass!

Not sure if i’ve set this up correctly, but i’ve enabled 2FA, which works when logging into the bitwarden website. However, when i log onto the Bitwarden Chrome extension, it only prompts for the master password.

Is this correct?

I understand it only ask for password to unlock, but if i log out of the bitwarden chrome extension, my understanding was it should require 2FA after entering the master password?

Hey @Nutter it sounds like you may have hit the ‘remember me’ toggle before signing in.


There’s no remember me toggle on the login screen.
just the email address field (which does have my email already filled in), then the button to continue, but no “remember me” toggle.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Can you clarify if your extension is set to lock or log out? Each client must be configured independently.

Can confirm what @Nutter is experiencing. When I open the Chrome extension, go to Settings > Log out, and manually log out of the extension, I can get back in by just inputting my master password. I am not re-prompted for 2FA.

According to the docs for logging out, it seems that should not be the case.

I log out by going to Settings → Log out (under the Account section)

Wanted to add, on my other machine where i use Firefox, this is working as expected, and does prompt for 2FA.

Seems only affecting Chrome?

@Nutter You could try deauthorizing sessions to see if maybe you selected a “remember me” checkbox when you first logged in with 2FA. This would kill all your current sessions and force new login with 2FA.

Instructions here.

Next time, just don’t select “remember me” when authenticating with your second factor device.

That worked!

Thanks alot

For how long does Remember Me work for?

@BW_Michael A similar question was asked not long ago on this forum. In short, the answer is 30 days, but you can see for yourself here: "Remember me” on 2FA – for how long? - #3 by SergeantConfused