Chrome extension missing in managed people

I use Chrome’s managed people extensively to work with different clients, but the BitWarden browser extension is only available in the main default Chrome window. The LastPass extension is visible in all people so this must be possible.

Can it be added to BitWarden extension?

Sorry, but I am not understanding the request. Can you explain further what you mean here?

Thanks. In Chrome you can setup multiple ‘managed people’. Goto Settings > Manage other people. Each ‘person’ then gets their own environment (so can have different logins to the same URL eg Office365). You have to enable extensions in each ‘person’ but I can’t see the BitWarden Extension when I’m in a managed person. However I can see the LastPass extension everywhere but am keen to move over to Bitwarden completely. Does that help?

You need to install the extension for each person since it is a different profile.

Many thanks for your help. You prompted me to work out how to load new extensions in managed people mode - as it isn’t easy to get to the Chrome extension store when operating in that mode ie not on the menus. For others with this problem, just browse to