Chrome extension icon doesn't show up on macOS

Hi all,

I recently moved from Lastpass to Bitwarden and installed the Chrome browser extension. Unfortunately the browser extension icon doesn’t show up on the Chrome browser. Even more, when I am at a login page of a web site the Bitwarden right-click context menu for auto fill shows the message “vault is logged out”, although I opened the vault in the Bitwarden desktop app.

I tried both versions of Bitwarden desktop for macOS directly downloaded from Bitwarden and the Apple App Store version as well.

I’m using macOS Big Sur (version 11.2.1), Chrome (version 88.0.4324.182), Bitwarden (version 1.24.6) and Bitwarden Chrome extension (version 1.48.1).

Can someone please help me?


I just made the leap from LastPass - like many many others, and initially had the problems you mentioned. I did a restart, checked that Chrome did not require an update etc. However this advice fixed the issue:

Click on the Extensions Jigsaw Icon
Select BitWarden and Pin it to the tool bar
Use the Icon to login

That did it for me on MacOS 10.15.7

Best of luck


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Hi David,

thanks for the reply. Your advice fixed my problem, although I don’t understand why the icon of the extension was not automatically added to the extension bar during the installation.