Chrome extension: frequent reauthentication

I’ve noticed in recent days that the Chrome extension (ver 2022.10.1) gets “locked” and asks me to reauthenticate just about every day. I leave my computer on all the time and rarely close Chrome, so this isn’t just the normal behavior of the extension getting locked upon browser restart. Is this due to some change in the BW extension or something in the latest version of Chrome (ver 107.0.5304.87)?

What are your browser extension time-out settings? Also, when you have to re-authenticate, is it asking you to log in or to unlock?

The time-out setting is “On browser restart” and it’s asking me to unlock. Seems to be happening daily these days, every morning when I sit down at my computer. Is it possible Chrome is restarting daily, on its own? If so, this is very new behavior.