Chrome Extension - always shows as locked after unlocking

After unlocking the vault using the Google Chrome extension, it never loads up and shows as unlocked.

I can click on it and it shows my vault but the icon is still showing locked.

The Mozilla Firefox extension does not have this problem and is perfect.

Hey @plittlefield, can you try disable/enable or remove and reinstall? Let me know if the issue persists after.

Hi @dwbit, thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried the following …

  1. Disable + close Chrome, open Chrome + Enable, log in = icon shows locked.
  2. Disable + Uninstall + close Chrome, open Chrome + Reinstall, log in = icon shows locked.


I can confirm that the extension is working and this is part of the ‘unlocked’ pop-up …


Hope you can help.

It’s not a deal breaker and it’s probably Google’s fault - so I’ll blame them :slight_smile:

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Thanks for more info, so when you said it ‘never loads up’ you just mean the browser extension icon? But the pop-up window remains fully functionally? Let me know and I’ll check in with the team :+1:

My bad, yes… when I said “never loads up” What I exactly meant was “does not show the typical Bitwarden window popup just below the icon.” :slightly_smiling_face:

So, there’s that and the icon showing as “locked “.

If you click on the “locked but not actually locked” icon, it does show the correct popup vault.

Does that clarify things for you?

Just to clarify, in Mozilla Firefox, when you unlock the vault using the toolbar icon, it shows this …


…but when you do the same in Google Chrome, it does not show the pop-up by default and the icon shows as locked.



So by ‘it does not show the pop-up by default’, you mean that you can’t auto-fill credentials for the current page by either clicking on the icon, or using the keyboard shortcut?


I have explained it above.

When you unlock the vault (by clicking your mouse on the icon or using the keyboard shortcuts) the icon shows “locked” and the vault window is NOT displayed.

This is the exact opposite of the addon in Firefox… when you unlock the vault (by clicking your mouse on the icon or using the keyboard shortcut) the icon shows unlocked and the vault window is displayed straight away.

I don’t think I can explain it any clearer, would a little video to show the difference help?

My mistake, I misread the caption for your screenshot above. I’ve already passed the feedback along to the team :+1:

Great thanks, hope it’s an easy fix.

Have you updated it? It is now fixed this morning! :slight_smile:


Glad it’s working! We didn’t change anything on our end.

I spoke too soon - yesterday it was fine, but today, back to ‘showing as locked’ again…



Thanks for following up! Please report the issue on Github here, or reach out to the support team.