Chrome error [Error: cannot decrypt] after a power outage

Just to add to the issue:

  • Disabling and re-enabling the extension worked but only until the next browser restart.
  • Syncing the vault worked but TOTP stopped working and the error was back after browser restart.
  • Logging out and logging back in worked but the error was back after browser restart.

The only way that works for me consistently is to unlock the vault in expansion immediately after launching the browser. It spins for like 10sec but unlocks. If I visit a site before unlocking I’m back to
[Error: cannot decrypt]

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Another getting [Error: cannot decrypt] with the Chrome extension. Is this a new version? The “locked” red dot has been replaced with a padlock? I suggest the maintainers of the extension roll back to the previous version until they have properly tested this new version… Thanks!

This worked a treat for me on Brave.

Cheers bud.

still cant login on chrome nor android.

I have the same problem. It’s not the only problem I experienced since I did a Windows update yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with that?

Nothing to do with the Windows update unfortunately (windows updates are usually easy to roll back). There was also BitWarden extension update yesterday, I’m experiencing the same issues on Windows 10, 11 and Linux.

Your solution did not 100% solve the problem, but you’re on the right track with your suggestion. Rather than logging out, I can sync the unlocked vault on the chrome extension manually and that will decrypt the logins. However, once you lock your vault, you’re right back to having to manually sync the extension to get to your data.

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Yep. You are right. Damn. :frowning:

New version is bugged. Please note this behaviour. Thanks.

Bitwarden Support solved the issue by having me turn off autofill until they can figure out why this is causing the issue.


Syncing worked for me to fix Chrome plug-in.

Thanks a lot mate! So easy yet so powerful

That worked! Thank you! no need to reinstall.

Having the same issue. Reinstalling worked until i restarted the browser.

Looks like setting the Timeout to never is a temorary fix for this issue

Have same issue and also the Extension was oddly locked too this morning. This is a huge issue for me, I depend on this to access tons of different systems for personal and work.

Am following this as I am affected too…Disabling autofill seems a temporary solution so far…The other fixes like removing the extension and reinstalling and resyncing did not work after a period of time had elapsed

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Disabling and re-enabling Bitwarden extension worked for me on Brave browser.

Hi There.
I’m new to Bitwarden so still finding my round. I’ve just switched from Lastpass and things are a little different to what I’ve been used to. this problem you and me are getting [Error: cannot decrypt] I’ve found if you go to setting then Sync then Sync Vault now. This seems to work for me every time so far. Hope this helps.

You’re all describing the exact same behavior: syncing is the temporary solution until a permanent solution is fixed. It seems as if Bitwarden Support is also recommending turning off autofill (maybe this is part of the cause).

But disabling the extension, logging out and back in and syncing all trigger the same thing: a sync. Just trigger a sync and it’ll be fine.

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I’ve had this same issue several times today with the brave extension. Remove & reinstall fixes the issue but it reappears on a fresh boot (possibly browser session)