Chinese characters in android app

When I installed the android app, some chinese characteres are show up, my prefered language is spanish and I don’t know why this happen

Hi @markuzg75 ,

maybe I’m a bit too paranoid these days - but my first thought would be: did you install the original Bitwarden app? (see here for comparison: Install and Sync All of Your Devices | Bitwarden - and from that the direct link to Googles Playstore:

And if this is the app you installed, then maybe a screenshot would help.

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I’ve seen this happen on occasion in the browser extension. I believe this happens when the fonts that Bitwarden uses for icons do not properly sync. I can usually solve it by logging out of the app, and logging back in.

Having similar problem here - have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, exited and logged back in, cleared cache… all to no avail.

All/most icons are showing as “Chinese” characters (in quotes as i dont read Chinese so im not sure its actually Chinese characters…)

Screenshot attached!

Been having the same issue for a few weeks now myself. Definitely the legit Bitwarden app (I’ve had it installed for years at this point). Seeing the same thing Russell_Smyth is seeing.

It’s a bigger pain on the VIEW ITEM page, where password has three icons next to it (check, view, copy) and I’ve got to try to remember which is which because the icons don’t mean anything to me (and I don’t interact with the app enough this way to have the positions memorized).

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your input. Can anyone that is still encountering this please proceed below?

  1. What is the make and model of your phone?
  2. What version of Android is it running?
  3. Could you please let me know what font your phone’s interface is currently using? You can typically find this under Settings > Display > Fonts.
  4. Could you please change the current font selection to a different one, and then log out and log into your Bitwarden account anew via the Bitwarden Android client (application) and let me know if that changes anything?

For added context, this behaviour has been reported prior with regard to OnePlus 7-Series devices running Android 11, and changing the font from OnePlus Sans to something else typically helps. Related Reddit thread.

I thank you all in advance for your understanding and assistance with this,

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