Check Password Change on Multiple Entries

LastPass has a feature that was useful when changing a password at work.

Work has multiple URLs that all use the same backend Exchange service. Therefore multiple entries contain the same password.

When changing a password on one of these entries LastPass would display a list of other entries with the same password and a check box. Checking those boxes and continuing would change the other entries passwords to match the new one.

This would be convenient, though I’m not 100% sure about the security implications of doing this.

Why not just create one entry with multiple URLs?

Hmm, well this is going to sound extremely intelligent, hope you’re sitting down.

I didn’t know I could. :slight_smile:

Since I’m in “don’t know what I’m doing mode”, do all URLs require http:// or https:// ?


Recommended, but not required.

You might find this article helpful:

Thank you, sincerely appreciate the help…